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Ricky was born in Chennai and raised in several parts of India, before he finally settled in Hyderabad, the Pearl city of India. 

He graduated from Loyola Academy Degree College in 2017 with a Bachelors in Animation Design.

Ricky began to build his career while still in college. He interned at Glueplus and then joined an advertising firm: Spangg, as an art director. 

As his career progressed, the passion towards his faith and music progressed as well. He toured the country not only with his band Spell Check, but also with one of the biggest gospel bands : Yeshua. 


Ricky’s learning and experience took him to a Ted-Ex talk, as well as a talk at two Under 25 summits - two of the world's most popular inspirational platforms.

In 2018, he partnered with two friends and Co-founded his own design firm : The Whole Shebang. 

This company brought in several major projects. Backed up by a team of 10 brilliant designers, in under 2 years, this firm was recognised as one of the best in the country. 

In 2019 Ricky married His beautiful wife Beulah John who is the Co-founder and Director of Shop for Asha, and both of them have been serving the Lord through the businesses they run. 

Ricky is someone who endorses the idea of using media to make the communication game strong; whether in the church or beyond. 

He has a heart for ministry and business. He wants to leverage media to its maximum potential so that everyone can hear and experience the love of God through media. 


Ricky is the Founder and CEO of Out media tech private limited; under which he runs Outcast and Outcast Academy

Ricky believes that Media has a huge influence on our minds and lives, and he made it his life’s mission to see Christian media grow in its influence and become a trusted voice across the online-world.

With this passion he went on to start his own Christian media resource website which is Outcast;  and it promotes youth driven Christian content and creativity.

And within a year's time in the year 2021, this same passion led to the birth of Outcast Academy. 

The main purpose of this school is to advocate and empower the creativity in the church by training believers in media so as to begin an online-movement that will transform lives


In addition to running these ministries, Ricky wears many other hats. He holds a position in the executive council of Zero, he is the Champion for GLS Next Gen., Innovative Director for Intomedia, Partner at Ten Times Talent and the board member of John's Academy. 

Ricky also plays the role as a Creative Consultant for major Christian organisations such as LiveJam, We Are Zion, GLS India and more.


Ricky firmly believes in “standing on the right side of history,” it’s an inspiration he received from the Bible. In the book of 1 Chronicles we see how the sons of Issachar knew the times they were living in and always ended up choosing what God intended for them. 

He believes that if we allow our minds and lives to be transformed by the good news of the gospel, we land up on the right side of history; the God-side of History. 


Ricky is someone who does not want his vision, talents and gifts to ever be buried with him, he believes in passing down everything that he has learnt and carries. And so he lives to champion a generation who would lead the nations into massive revival both in the online and offline world. 

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